2017 Calendars

Every year for the past 12 years, Catherine Breer has meticulously documented her travels, creating keepsake calendars of her paintings. Her calendars reflect her passion for discovering the extraordinary in the everyday and how every moment has the potential to become a moment to treasure. This past year Catherine created the winning logo design for the 100th Anniversary of Acadia National Park. Upon receipt of the award, she pondered what Acadia has meant to her and decided to create another calendar to commemorative the Park’s one-time event. Since she had been going to Acadia since her children were small, she had many experiences to share: camping at the Mt. Desert Campground on Somes Sound, eating popovers at the Jordan Pond House, hiking the Bubbles, walking and biking the carriage trails, canoeing on Somes Sound and painting atop Cadillac Mountain. Looking at the paintings she created you will be transported to that day and to a moment you will never ever forget.